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Great branding from the guys at Medbirdie

by Kenny Aerobatics Pilot

Posted on September 11, 2014 at 18:17 PM

I approached the guys at Medbirdie/Keypad not only looking for a website, I wanted them to create an identity. A platform for me to reach out to fans of Aerobatics and also hopefully inspire some new ones. I’ve had other companies build websites for me in the past but none were up to the standard or as cutting edge as this one.

I’ll be continually posting updates to keep you all posted on my competitions and events and hope to project the sport of Aerobatics even further as the first pilot to represent China and Hong Kong.

The weather is great in South Africa at the moment and I’m really excited about the upcoming competition. Wish me luck on Facebook! Cheers!

- Kenny

About Kenny Chiang


Kenny Chiang was born in Hong Kong. Kenny has always been captivated by the dream of flying. Having excelled at school, Kenny focused his mind towards the skies and took his first flying lesson at the age of 13. Kenny got the aerobatic bug whilst he attended the Red Bull Air Race in London when he was 17, and at the age of 24, Kenny Chiang is one of youngest aerobatic pilots in the world.

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About Kenny

Kenny took his first flying lesson at 13 was awarded his Pilot’s license when he was 17 and joined the national carrier of Hong Kong aged 19. After years of training Kenny will be the first ever Chinese National to represent his country on the World stage of aerobatics at the 1st FAI World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship.