Meet the youngest and most passionate pilot in Asia

The Dream of Flying

Kenny took his first flying lesson at 13
was awarded his Pilot’s license when he was 17
and joined the national carrier of Hong Kong aged 19

Kenny Chiang was born in Hong Kong. Kenny has always been captivated by the dream of flying. Having excelled at school, Kenny focused his mind towards the skies and took his first flying lesson at the age of 13. Kenny got the aerobatic bug whilst he attended the Red Bull Air Race in London when he was 17, and at the age of 24, Kenny Chiang is one of youngest aerobatic pilots in the world.

Kenny was awarded his Pilot’s license when he was 17 and joined the national carrier of Hong Kong aged 19, flying the B747-400 which made him one the youngest pilots in history to fly the Queen of the Skies.

Kenny Chiang has been flying the Extra 300L since he was 20, and has flown aerobatics around the World, including, UK, USA, Australia and South Africa. After years of training Kenny will be the first ever Chinese National to represent his country on the World stage of aerobatics at the 1st FAI World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship. This will not be the first time Kenny Chiang has represented his country, he has also represented the national Under 18 and Under 16 Hong Kong Rugby team.

My Mission
Igniting a Passion for Flying

The first and youngest ever Chinese aerobatic Pilot to represent his country on the world stage

Set the Stage
for my homeland

Put China and Hong Kong on the global stage in the sport of aerobatics


Raise awareness for General Aviation (GA) in China

the passion

Promoting the industry and inspiring others to follow in his passion for flying and the sense of adventure and excitement it brings


Give local youngsters in HK more opportunity to get involved with flying

“Flying isn’t just about precision and control, nor is it just about enjoying the sense of freedom it gives you, but flying is more about what you as a person can achieve, and competitive flying is about how far you can push your abilities to the limits, and still come back to earth safely at the end of your flight.”


Civilian Flying Hours


Aircraft Types


Great Pilot

Extra EA-300
Surge of adrenaline

The Extra Flugzeugbau EA300 is a two-seat aerobatic monoplane capable of Unlimited category competition. It was designed in 1987 by Walter Extra, an award-winning German aerobatic pilot, and was built by Extra Flugzeugbau.

The aircraft can sustain +/-10g , which means that during some manoeuvres, Kenny would feel 10times his body weight that is equivalent to having a bull weighting 700kg sitting on him when he is trying to fly the plane as accurately as possible.

Aircraft Specifications

  • Top speed 343 km/h
  • Wingspan 8.00 m
  • Range 974 km
  • Length 7.12 m
  • Weight 630 kg
  • Manufacturer Extra Aircraft
  • Engine type Lycoming O-540

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Red Zone
Wings & Ailerons

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Blue Zone
Horizontal Stabilizer & Rudder

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Orange Zone

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